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11-04-2005, 10:49
Mình muốn đăng kí phần mềm Proshow Gold 2.5
nhưng chưa có :
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Xin các pác giúp dùm thành thật biết ơn !

11-04-2005, 11:51
Bác thử dùng đồ chơi này nhé.
Proshow Gold 2.5
Download : http://files.photodex.com:80/psgold_25_1630.exe

Name : Chono
Phone : 122334
Password : DBBET7DZ0EX2Q

Nếu không được thì thông báo trên diễn đàn cho tôi nhé.

12-04-2005, 13:22
còn nếu không được nữa thì thử phiên bản mới này thử nha ...

ProShow Gold v2.5.1615

ProShow Gold allows you to easily create stunning photo slide shows for friends, family, business, or just for fun. You can add a custom sound track or pick from over 170 transition effects, add sound effects, text captions, create Video CDs (VCD, SVCD, XVCD, CVD) and more. You can create autorun CDs for computer playback or TV (PAL, NTSC), self-contained executable slide shows in EXE format, and even build Windows screensavers from your pictures. When creating Video CD slideshows, you can also include copies of the original images on the CD, allowing you to use it as a storage and presentation tool at the same time. The interface is easy to use and allows for simple drag and drop of your images and sound files. Transition effects can be very easily added from a menu popu, using a click and select approach with instant preview. ProShow Gold supports MPEG I and MPEG II output. Note: slow starting link so be patient.





12-04-2005, 15:37
hi net !
cái link download ***** không vào được !

13-04-2005, 00:11
sorry!! Link trên đã die .. xin lỗi mọi người

Đây là version mới nhất đây, bảo đảm link work ..

ProShow Gold v2.5.1630:

Create slide shows for any occasion! Use ProShow to easily create stunning slide shows for friends, family, business, or just for fun! Just select your photos and drop them in the show. Add a custom soundtrack or pick from over 280 stunning transition effects to add that final touch.

Take your photos further! ProShow gives you more output options than any other slide show software. Create video CDs that play back on your TV. Generate MPEG video files for PC viewing. Build screen savers for yourself or others. Make self-contained executable slide shows (EXEs), perfect for e-mailing or posting online. Write PC autorun CDs that automatically play when inserted into a PC. ProShow does it all!

Available in Standard and Gold Editions Get exactly what you need with ProShow and ProShow Gold! Both versions let you create amazing shows, and ProShow Gold adds extra power and additional higher quality output formats.

Version 2.5.1630 Feature

Added 'Recently Used Files' to File menu
Added 'Add All Files to show' to right-click menu in File List
Added Photodex Presenter plugin support for Netscape 8
Added dialog showing status when dropping files into a show.
Thumbnails in file list now draw a checkmark over them if the file is included in the current show
Changed filename to bold for files that are included in current show (in thumbnail view and details view).
Improved performance of importing large numbers of files into a show
Fixed problem with importing video files with Elecard mpeg codec installed
Fixed problem with editing slide or transition times in Light Box view
Fixed problems with using video in slides.
Fixed crash problem with global captions on large numbers of slides
Fixed problem with fade in / fade out times for "soundtrack during other sounds" not working
Fixed problem with files being added to the slide list in reverse order.
Fixed problem with seeking through video slides
Fixed problem with preview size when resizing preview during playback
Fixed crash problem with deleting shows from shows list
Fixed crash problem with including original files on DVD
Fixed problem with DVD rendering using way too much RAM (causing crashes) when using zooming combined with scale to safe zone
Prevented unnecessary re-rendering of videos after changing DVD format.
Fixed problem with importing 22KHz ogg files
Fixed problem with fly in behavior for caption influencing fly out timings.
Fixed problem with preview drawing every image when doing multiple select in Light Box view
Fixed problem with soundtrack ending too soon if there are sounds that had an endtime set that's longer than the sounds actual length.
Fixed problem with soundtrack not being correctly displayed in Light Box view.
Fixed importing MOV movies with invalid frame rates
Fixed DVD+RW lead-out taking too much time
Fixed crash problem with deleting shows from shows list
Fixed problem with including original files on DVD
Fixed problems with VCD menus not playing correct shows
Fixed problem with 'Custom Soundtrack Settings' in the Slide Options / Sound window not enabling properly.
Fixed problem with show captions not appearing correctly when macros are used and two identical slides appear in a show.

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13-04-2005, 07:37
Tôi download được rùi. Dùng cho version 2.5.1630 là OK.Thay ***** bằng chữ c-r-a-c-k là OK mà. Thanks.